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Connecting to Midway FAQ

What login shells are supported and how do I change my default shell? "

RCC supports the following shells:

Use this command to change your default shell:
chsh -s /path/to/shell 

It may take up to 30 minutes for that change to take effect.

Is remote access with Mosh supported? "

Yes. To use Mosh, first log in to Midway via SSH, and add the command module load mosh to your ~/.bashrc (or ~/.zshenv if you use zsh). Then, you can log in by entering the following command in a terminal window:

mosh <CNetID> 
mosh <CNetID>

Why am I getting “ssh_exchange_identification: read: Connection reset by peer” when I try to log in via SSH? "

You can get this error if you incorrectly enter your password too many times. This is a security measure that is in place to limit the ability for malicious users to use brute force SSH attacks against our systems.

After 3 failed password entry attempts, an IP address will be blocked for 4 hours.

While you wait for the block to be lifted, you should still be able to access the RCC system using ThinLinc.

Why am I getting prompted for YubiKey when I try to log in via SSH? "

There are few reasons to get that error message. Please enroll in two factor authentication if you have not done already by visiting Please make sure you run:

ssh -Y 

ssh -Y
Finally, please make sure your RCC account has not expired.