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RCC User Guide

Welcome! This user guide provides information on accessing and using the University of Chicago Research Computing Center's High-Performance Computing (HPC) resources.

The RCC Workflow

This flowchart illustrates the workflow of a typical researcher using our HPC resources.

Overview of RCC's HPC Systems

The following tables provide a high-level summary of the various high-performance computing (HPC) systems that the RCC houses.

General Access Systems (Accessible to any researcher with an RCC user account)

System Description
Midway3 The RCC's flagship HPC cluster for multi-purpose scientific computing
Midway2 HPC cluster for multi-purpose scientific computing
Skyway Run Midway jobs on cloud computing platforms
DaLI Data Lifecycle Instrument, a data storage and software platform

Restricted Access Systems (Special permissions required for access)

System Description
MidwayR3 RCC's HPC cluster for sensitive data, housed within the Secure Data Enclave
Beagle3 A GPU-focused HPC cluster for life sciences research
MidwaySSD HPC cluster dedicated to social sciences research
GM4 A GPU HPC cluster for fast and efficient molecular simulations

Where to start?

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Check out the search bar in the top right of the page (e.g., search: "GPU")--it's surpisingly useful!

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