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RCC User Policy

Welcome to the Research Computing Center (RCC), where you gain access to a diverse range of clusters, computer systems, networks, applications, and technological assets. To ensure a positive and responsible experience, please familiarize yourself with the RCC User Policy outlined below. By using RCC resources, you agree to abide by these rules, ensuring ethical and lawful usage.

General Usage Policy

Abiding by the following principles is mandatory for utilizing RCC resources responsibly:

  • Responsibility: Users are accountable for proper tool utilization and maintaining confidentiality. In addition, they must maintain an environment in which all RCC users can utilize RCC clusters to run their jobs or store their data.
  • Legality and Ethics: RCC resources must not be used for illegal, malicious, or unethical purposes.
  • Respect: Users should refrain from unauthorized use, academic dishonesty, or violation of software licenses.
  • Confidentiality: Respect the privacy of individuals and report any security breach promptly.
  • Security: Users must not attempt to circumvent system security or resource allocation mechanisms.
  • Monitoring: Be aware that all activities on RCC systems are subject to monitoring.

Failure to follow these principles may result in account termination by RCC staff.

RCC resources are dedicated to supporting legitimate research activities at the University of Chicago, and users must align with their account's stated purpose.

User Accounts and Passwords

Account credentials are personal and should not be shared. If compromised, report immediately to RCC support staff. Sharing account or password information is strictly prohibited.

Data Policy and Security

While the RCC maintains an open research network, it cannot guarantee complete data security. Users are responsible for protecting sensitive information. RCC system administrators may access user data only for assistance or to address security threats and technical questions.

Protected Health Information (PHI)

MidwayR, a secure data enclave, is HIPAA-compliant for storing or processing Protected Health Information (PHI). Users with PHI data requirements should inform RCC staff BEFORE transferring any data to Midway ecosystems for the first time.

Data Encryption

Encrypted file systems on MidwayR provide a secure environment for sensitive data storage.

Data Integrity and Retention Policy

The RCC prioritizes robust filesystems and archival storage with performance and reliability. Limited backup space includes directories that have snapshots. Users with specific data retention needs should notify RCC support staff for appropriate actions.

Please adhere to these guidelines to ensure a positive and secure RCC experience.

If you have any questions regarding these policies, please get in touch with us at