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Accessing MidwayR3

To use MidwayR3 resources, you will need to have a MidwayR3 user account. Although both Midway and MidwayR3 use CNetID for authentication, they do not share accounts. If you do not have a MidwayR3 user account, please see the Getting Started section for how to apply for an account.


General users can apply only after the PI has been approved for MidwayR3 account. Only authorized users listed in Data Use Agreement (DUA) and/or Internal Review Board (IRB) protocol can get access to a project hosted on MidwayR3 upon PI approval. If the list of authorized users is not set explicitly in the data use agreement, then any UChicago researcher approved by the PI can work with the project data hosted on MidwayR3.

Please also note that you must have enabled Two Factor Authentication for your CNetID before connecting to MidwayR.