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HTTP - Public folder

Midway2 only

Please note that HTTP-based data sharing is currently supported on Midway2 only.

RCC provides web access to data on their storage system via public_html directories in users’ home directories.

Local path Corresponding URL

Ensure your home directory and public_html have the execute permissions. If the folder public_html does not exist, create it. Optionally, ensure public_html has read permissions if you would like to allow indexing.

You may set these permissions using the following commands:

chmod o+x $HOME
mkdir -p $HOME/public_html
chmod o+x $HOME/public_html
// optional; if you would like to allow directory listing.
chmod o+r $HOME/public_html
Files in public_html must also be readable by the web user, "other", but should not be made executable.

You may set read permissions for web users/"other" using the following command:

chmod o+r $HOME/public_html/research.dat


Use of these directories must conform with the RCC usage policy. Please notify RCC if you expect a large number of people to access data hosted here.