Data Resources

Some of these data sites are more specific by subject or by region than others. However, it is suggested to first try the links under the “National and International Data” heading before going to more specific sites. The National and International sites are more generic in some instances and may have the data that you are trying to locate. When searching these sites, the keywords of “GIS” and the “subject” in question are usually good starting points if you are having difficulty. Map Collection (Regenstein Library) The University of Chicago Libraries have access to a large number of digital GIS datasets. Most of the data is on CD or DVD but also available at the circulation desk in JMedia. This link lists some of the available data but there are others that are not listed. Some spatial information is not in digital format. In that case, paper maps and atlases may be the only source data that exists. For more information or assistance, visit the Map Collection on the 3rd floor of the Regenstein Library.

National and International Data

Regional (Chicago and Illinois) Data


International Data


  • Africa Data Dissemination Service
    • Administrative boundaries, agro-climatic zones, cropland use intensity, elevation, hydrology, precipitation, transportation, and vegetation data collected from various government resources
  • Africa: South of the Sahara
    • Various links to socioeconomic and GIS data on specific regions and countries in Africa, some have no English translation
  • Central African Regional Program for the Environment (CARPE)
    • A long-term initiative by USAID to address the issues of deforestation and biodiversity loss in the Congo Basin forest zone. Environmental GIS and remote sensing data along with some population data
  • SAFARI 2000
    • Environmental and elevation data for southern Africa collected between 1999-2001 by various research organizations

South Africa



  • Atlas of South Australia
    • Environmental, land use, socioeconomic, and administrative infrastructure data for the province of South Australia
  • Geographx
    • Environmental and geologic GIS data layers for New Zealand
  • GeoScience Australia
    • Geologic, mining, and environmental GIS and remote sensing data for all of Australia






  • Israel Social Sciences Data Center
    • Socioeconomic and GIS data on Israel
  • The GIS Center
    • Data layers maintained by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem include environmental, land use, socioeconomic, and administrative infrastructure data for Israel


  • Pakistan Flood Response
    • Data related to the Pakistan Flood of 2010: administrative boundaries, affected areas, hydrology, and elevation, among others.



North America


  • GeoConnections
    • Similar datasets to GeoGratis, some subject matter may be more extensive
  • GeoGratis
    • Agricultural, socioeconomic, transportation, and environmental GIS and remote sensing data for ALL of Canada
  • Geomatics Yukon
    • Environmental, forestry, and mining spatial data for the Yukon Territory
  • MapPlace
    • Facilitates easy access to the maps and databases of the British Columbian Ministry of Energy and Mines



South America




Health and Medicine

Historical Data