ArcGIS Service Plan

The RCC-GIS offers the following support services to the University of Chicago community:

Licensing/distribution of GIS software and data.

The fees section of the Service Plan describes the levels of service available. Interested parties should contact gis-help[at]

Limited technical support services for GIS.

Technical support is provided via email, expert referrals, and follow-up with Esri on selected issues.

ArcGIS Desktop Service Level/Rate

Individual License

Single licenses can be purchased for an annual fee of $300.00. Licensing fees are renewable every August. Any purchases made after August will not carry a prorated cost for the remainder of the license year. 

Bulk License

Bulk licensing fees are renewable every August. If you join in the middle of the fiscal year or after January, prices are prorated to half. Licenses of Esri software and associated services may be purchased through RCC-GIS at the following rates, which are determined by service level:  

Service Level Details Rate
Tier1 10 ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced Single-Use $1,600
Tier2 Up to 100 ArcGIS for Desktop Advanced Concurrent use $3,500

ArcGIS Server Licensing

Server products consist of ArcGIS GIS Server, ArcGIS Image Server, ArcGIS GeoEvent Server, ArcGIS GeoAnalytics Server, and ArcGIS Notebook Server. Individual server licenses are available for $500.00 per year. Please refer to this pdf document for more information on a particular server.